What is Page Authority?

Page Authority (PA) is a score given by moz to singular pages of a space dependent on how well a particular page will rank on web search tool result page (SREP). Page Authority score ranges from 1 – 100. The pages which have high Page Authority will more odds of positioning high on web search tool result pages.

Page authority is based on the data we are giving to tae web or to that particular page, and it will take lot factors in to account like Domain Authority. it utilizes a machine learning model to recognize the calculation that best corresponds with rankings over the a great many SERPs that we anticipate against, at that point produces Page Authority scores utilizing that explicit estimation.

How is Page Authority scored?

Page Authority (PA) is measured on a scale of 1- 100. It is very easy to grow your Page Authority from 20-40. And it is more complicated to increase it from 60-80. We continually refresh the calculation used to figure Page Authority, so you may see your score vary occasionally.

How to find Page Authority?

We have different tools to measure Page Authority like Moz, Small SEO Tools. The simple and best method among them is MozBar. You can add moz extension to you your web. Below i have shown how to add and check moz Page Authority score by using some images.

how-to-calculate-page-authority-reddy-seo what-is-page-authority-reddy-seo


Page Authority vs. Domain Authority

Page Authority is the score given to a specific page in a domain i.e. single page, where as Domain Authority is the score given to the entire domain i.e based on all pages of a domain.

How do I increase Page Authority?

Like Domain Authority, Page Authority is an all encompassing score and hard to impact straightforwardly. It is comprised of a total of measurements that each affect the score. This multi factorial reliance is purposeful: Since Google considers a great deal of variables when positioning a page, a metric that endeavors to compute it must join a ton of elements, also.

The most ideal approach to impact a page’s Authority is to enhance its connection profile. This can be practiced by getting outer connections from other high-authority pages, which thus go about as “votes of certainty” for the authority of your page.