What Is Domain Age & Is Domain Age Important For SEO?

What is Domain Age:

Let us find what Domain age is. As simple saying it is about how old your space is and when it was enlisted. For Example, Microsoft.com established their Site in 1996, so their domain age is over 23 years.

Advantages with old age domains:

Here are few advantages of buying an old domain.


On the off chance that If your Domain is old that its traffic must also be noteworthy. Having Good traffic takes cash, time and Effort, so purchase a Old Domain with effectively settled overwhelming traffic by the past proprietor with good traffic. All that you have to do is keep up the current traffic and work on expanding it.

Ranking with Search Engine:

Domain age is one of the Best Ranking factors in the search engine. The goal of a business owner is to bring their website on top in search engines. If the domain is having good rankings in SERP, then you can save your time and money to improve your rankings in search engines. The last Goal is to get a top ranking for your site, and top positioning for a site is an equivalent word of benefit visibility.

High Reputation:

It takes more time to build good reputation in online. It includes higher trust, Less Risk and Good Profit. Most of the old Domains may have Good Online Reputation which should be enough to understand the incoming Profit. If you are really good at sales, these small numbers of Reputation will be good income, then you can make money with same existing reputation Comparing with the ex-owner of the domain.

Google Sandbox:

This could be a Great advantage, but older domains might be having the green flag to show up in Google SERP. Where as new domains will take some time to appear on SERP. Google will monitor your Domain until it gets reputations by backlinks. These issues won’t be there on an older domain.


A brand is more Important than a name and logo. It Builds lots of trust in customers Just assume if there are no branding names for shoes would have been same. By the branding Many people prefer to use Adidas brand, some other prefer to use Nike and some other use Reebok so on. If the domain which you are going to purchase is having good brand Name that helps to you to charge a premium price to on your products.



Google Will penalize the sites which are violating search algorithms or using illegal tricks to rank in the Google. Before purchasing an old domain check whether that domain is having any Lost of Google penalty or not. If you buy the domain which is penalized by the Google then you are at a risk of branding your domain name. If the domain is penalized by Google you have to rectify all the wrong doings and then you have to apply for re-inclusion.


Spam defines manipulating techniques that are used to improve website rankings in SERP. Before buying to check the domain exists on the spam list or Not.

Bad Credit:

As we discussed above reputation is more important in search Engines. Having a Good brand reputation is essential for a business’s growth and longevity. Bad credit Also called as Bad reputation of a business. If That domain has bad reputation in online that can harm your business.


While Buying an old domain name, check that the domain name doesn’t having any copyright or hallmark. And if it is a brand, Most probably you have to face the huge penalty. So take care from copyrighted old age domain names.