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Website design enhancement , or site design improvement, is the specialty of upgrading your substance to rank for explicit catchphrases on indexed lists like Google.

SEO optimization is an umbrella term including keyword research, external link establishment (the way toward obtaining connects to your website from different destinations to enhance your search rankings; here’s a pleasant guide on that), and an entire slew of different activities required for best execution.

In any case, more on that later in this guide. For the present, while it might sound threatening, it’s really a straightforward procedure. It works this way:

Here are some SEO tips on blogging how to optimizing your content to get better results in SERP.

Meta Title Optimization

Meta title tag is a bit of HTML code that can be seen by a user in the header of a web page. Meta title helps to understand the content on a web page, so you need to insert the targeted keywords in the meta title. The optimal length of meta title is 60-70 characters.

Meta Description Optimization

Meta description tag is also a bit of HTML code which summarizes the content on a web page. You need to target the keywords while writing the meta description. The optimal length of meta description is 150-160 characters.

URL mapping

URL mapping or keyword URL mapping is the way toward figuring out which page of a site ought to contain certain keywords to maximize the optimize of the whole site or site page in all.

Web Content Optimization

The content which you are giving to a website must be unique, it should not be copied from anywhere and it should be without any grammar mistakes. The optimal word count of web page is 600-800 words. Write the content by targeting keywords in it by maintaining the keyword density. The optimal keyword density is 2-3%. You need to proof read the content before uploading it on the web page. Header Tags (H1 to H6) Header tags are called as the headings in the content on a web page. Usually header tags are from H1 – H6 ( H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 ). The header tag H1 is generally be the heading or title of a post. Generally in SEO prospective mostly we use H1, H2, H3 tags.

Image optimization

They say, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Optimizing images on a web page is a process of delivering high quality images with the smallest possible size by maintaining proper format, dimensions, size and resolution. Image optimization can be done in many ways like caching or re-sizing or compressing the size of the image.

Internal Linking

An Internal link is a hyperlink on a web page which connects to another web page or resource within in the same domain. Internal linking is very important because it helps a user to visit multiple pages of a domain or a website. Internal linking helps in increasing your domain or website bounce rate.